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New (old) problem... HELP!

I have an ASUS A8N32SLI with 4x512 Corsair XMS sticks of memory, and an Opteron170 cpu. Have been doing overclocking (not gently, but nothing over the top), and have been hit by 'Bad BIOS Checksum' error, which follows the video card BIOS paragraph. I've tried pulling the plug and CMOS battery, and then the battery followed by the Clear RTC, IT'S STUCK LIKE CHUCK! Can't get past this error message.
I've read other forums (Googled for this error) and it seems that my RAM (memory) will probably be the culprit, though I never really saw a good explanation of what causes this. Will have a friend check my RAM in his system, see if it's still good.
Anyone know about this error and how to narrow down or specify the hardware (or software) at fault? Please help, my gaming rig is down!! ( clanmates are gonna have a field day with this... :roll: )

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  1. Wow, 33 viewers and no one took a shot at my post. 8O

    Anyway, I'm back up. Went out and grabbed some OCZ DDR500 2X1GB mem sticks, and I must say they are quite nice. Unfortunately, they didn't fix the problem as I thought they might.

    What didn't work with a floppy did with a cd. Re-flashed the BIOS with the latest update (same one I was using when all Hell broke loose), and this time it took. For some reason the mobo cd and floppy/ROM approach didn't work, but it's all good.

    Would be nice for an IT professional to weigh in and give us an idea of what this error message means and how to combat it.

  2. Hi I have similar problem:

    BIOS ROM checksum error
    Detecting IDE ATAPI device ...
    Found CDROM, try to Boot from it ... Pass
    Automatic Load AWDFLASH ....."

    I made a CD with latest BIOS file. The PC find it and flash, ask to restart, and same error came back!

    I did try to change battery, clear cmos, new PSU... well, I suppose I have to buy new moderborad if no one have a sugestions..
  3. Solved! Bar RMA modukles, removed and exchanged two of the four I have installed and it wokred.
  4. Well I'm going to go out on a limb here, bad bios?
  5. Had the same problem. During the bios flash, it stated at the end that the checksum was destroyed. I had never seen this type of message with a bios flash. I fiddled with some settings and finally got rid of the message to avoid having to hit the f2 key to get past this error message everytime I turned on the pc.
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