sk8t800 mb FSB speed is way lower than it should be

Ok, so I noticed when i was poking around in my bios that my FSB is set for 200Mhz. I looked online and it says for my motherboard (Chaintech SK8T800) that the bus speed is supposed to be 800Mhz. I can see the speed in the BIOS, but i can't figure out how to change it. Here's the info on my BIOS:
Phoenix - AwardBios v6.00PG

I did notice that when I overclocked my processor from 2.19Ghz to 2.31Ghz by changing the clock multiplier from 200 to 210 the FSB also went from 200 to 210. That setting can't be the FSB itself though because it says max value for inputing is 233. Thanks.
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  1. 200MHz would be the core bus speed. The bus is quad pumped to 800MHz. Of course since this is a motherboard for an AMD setup, there isnt a FSB in the traditional sense anyway, because a HyperTransport bus is being used instead. In this case the 200MHz you found would be the core clock from which your CPU clock is generated via the clock multiplier... in your case 11x I believe. (200x11=2200) and (210x11=2310).

    Sorry if this isnt terribly clear... I've had a pretty intense week and I'm pretty tired.

  2. no, man, i completely understand now. thanks!
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