Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000SWA Silver Computer Case

I just wanted some thoughts on this case... I am currently using a BroadwayCom Corp Case(I liked it originally cause of the temp display on the front of the case but can not get it to work properly). I need to move to a case with a little more room and better air flow. My main concern is that I have an Evercool WC-202 water cooling system and that the fron door of the case has enough clearance room for the fan control knob...

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  1. Awesome case I have the silver one with side window. Extremely light and looks great in the dark. The sides have a glossy mirror coating.
  2. yah it is a good case, would recommend the CM Centurion 534 or 532 better cooling, but nevertheless, the Tsunami is a good case
  3. They look nice, but I like the clear side panel... :)
  4. I bought one a year and a half ago. I like it a lot. Optical drive bays have rails that don't even need a screw driver. All smaller drive bays are removable. The hdd bays come with a bag of thumbscrews for mounting through the rubber groumets (anti-vibration). More than enough bays for any purpose! I like the clear side panel too. A couple uv lights and reactive sata and power cables and it looks sharp. Air flow is good. I am runnning a Prescott at 3.6 ghz with a Thermaltake Silent Tower and temperatures are well within normal range.
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