BFG 7800 gs oc agp low frame rates

I recently got a bfg 7800 gs oc agp. I looked on some sites that reviewed the card. according to those websites my fps should be around 70 not 20. My rig is 2.8 Ghz intel p4, 1.75 Gbs of RAM and a BFG 7800 GS OC agp. I get like around 20 FPS sometimes even gos into lower. I play BF2 at 1024x768 with everything on high and 4x AA. Please help me. P.S. My processor came in a Dell Dimension 3000. Need help!!! I got a Antec Truepower 480W PSU. Duel 12+ rails with 18 amps.
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  1. I have a 7800GS and BF2 plays like butter, I got like 6,762 in 3dmark05 on the first run.
    You're not the first person with a Dell ad a 7800GS to complain about low framerates, I'm pretty sure it's all the crap Dell intall's with windows, I dunno.

    Re-install windows and see what happens.....and when I say windows, I mean windows, not all of the fucking bloatware fucking crap that comes with a Dell piece of shit.

    If you do this, things will be good for you.
  2. but my dell HD has been completly rid of all that damn Dell stuff like the XP thats always on the HD for easy installing...i formated i still reformat? or shuld I try reinstallin bf2?
  3. Is your Proc a Celeron?
  4. IS your P4 a socket 478/400 MHz "A" model, a 533 Mhz "B" variant Northwood, or an "800" mhz "C" NW? OR is the rig socket 775 based?

    Latest chipset drivers appropriate for your mainboard installed? (available at Dell's website)

    Latest Direct X 9.0c?

    Latest Nvidia drivers for WInXP?

    Did you say 1.75GB of RAM? how'd you get such an oddball amount?

    (Does the system also have onboard video, and if so, is it disabled in the bios, with no mem left allocated to integrated video?)

    Is your mem running dual channel?

    And not to insult you, but.... the odd/occasional poster has installed a new AGP card, but then still run his system using the still enabled integrated video solution, and then wondered why framerates were so low! (Just making sure you were not one of them!)
  5. You could try another game's dem, and measure your performance...

    If FEAR is up to speed, then perhaps the prob is just a botched BF2 setting... (Latest BF2 patch applied?)
  6. It's a P4 2.8 Ghz, came with Dell's DImension 3000. Yes i have the drivers. I got Nvidia's latest. I am using a p4p 800 se Socket 478 and it has no integrated video. I don't know why the FPS is so low. My old 9600XT can perform that....should I...reinstall bf2? reformat my 80 Gb HD with windows on it?
  7. I had a old Dell Dimension PC. THEN I took it apart....took the 256 MB of ram of it and the p4 socket 478 processor off it and bought a new case...a new mobo Asus p4p800 se and 1.5 Gb of ram...3x512mb Kingston and I also took the 80 Gb HD off the dell but i completly reformated it so nothing is on it..not even the dell XP thingy that comes on it. I am so friggin confused. WOuld it be wasier if I just bought another p4 2.8 Ghz processor? it's like 138 CDN.
  8. I ran FEAR....the results are ok..I guess....I ran the test on 1024X768 everything on and high.....I have everything on high and only DX8 shaders and Pixle Doubling off Results...

    Minimum: 20FPS
    Average: 38
    Maximum: 75

    14% below 25 FPS
    62% between 25-40 FPS
    24% above 40 FPS

    How do u update BIOS of the MOBO??? I went to asus's site and dled the wasn't an application and I have no clue what to do with it.
  9. Quote:
    I have everything on high and only DX8 shaders

    Do you own a DX8 card? :lol: ...why would you even run it in that mode? :lol:
  10. I think they mean they had DX8 shaders _off_.

    With everything maxed the FEAR results look OK. When the card is running slow, check the temperature in the control panel: if the chip boots up below 38C it goes into 'slow mode' until it warms up.
  11. It's temperature is usually like 39 C to 41 C. How do u make it run "fast"?
  12. Warm it up above 38C. If you're idling at 39+ you should be fine.
  13. would it help if i bought a 3.2 Ghz for socket 478? I don't want to upgrade mobos. Kinda short on cash. And maybe 2Gbs of pairs?
  14. guys thsi guy aint using a dell, his cpu is a pull from a dell so wat does it matter. its also a s478, not sure if its nw or prescot but it sounds like a driver/software issue
  15. how do u update mobo BIOS..i went to Asus's site and got the file but I got no clue what to do with it.
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