TV Tuner + Dual Monitor Problems!!!

Well this isnt really a problem, more like a annoyance. Before I start, i'll list my rig so someone can help me better.

Two 19" Dell Ultra Sharp 1907
7900gt 256
WinTV Tuner
4 Gigs DDR400 PC3200
ASUS A8N32-Deluxe

I think thats all I need to list.

Well heres the deliema, I have the TV Tuner playing on the second monitor, while I have everything else on the first. Everything works fine until I play a game. Such as F.E.A.R. or Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, well when I start those programs, the TV Tuner is still runing and I can see it still on the second monitor, BUT the window for the TV Tuner is pushed aside like about 2-3 inches. Its like if the window moves 2-3 inches to the right. But when I quit the game, the window moves back to its original position.

Any info would be a great help.
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  1. Is the game running at a different resolution than what your desktop is set at?
  2. no, everything is running at 1280 X 1024


    Nevermind, I did find out that my desktop and games were running at different resolutions. Setting everything to the same resolution solved the problem. THanks!!!!!
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