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odd prob with disc read error. So about once a month my cpu has a disc read error,this will last about a week as I try everything to fix it. Then, out of no where, runs perfect. Last time this happened, I thought I would think ahead and installed another copy of windows 7 on a D: and test it. ran perfect. So this time it happened, I tried to boot off D: and same problem, disc read error, reboot. Disconnected my C: drive and same prob with new windows install. I have tried windows install disc and recovery disc along with all utilities and full backup disc image. Still nothing... then just when I give up, It runs fine. it seems to stay glitchy the first few reboots but then works perfect for about 1-3 months. What the hell?? I am lost, I had a friend who works IT help, still no luck. Please help.. I have done a search here and tried everything, I need help..
thanks Greg
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  1. you did not list your hardware, but it could be the disk drive or the motherboard failing, etc...sounds more like the board or a bad cable between drive and board
  2. Sorry for not listing my info

    Nvidia mother board
    e7400 dual core chip
    sli nvidia cards(forgot the model but they are nvidia and running perfect)
    switched cables my hard drive cables back and forth to confirm they are working
    windows 7 running on C: and D:
    3 internal drives, 2 are seagate the other is a western and 1tb external backup

    new update... I am now able to get in by hitting esc and selecting one of the two drives(both drives and copies of windows work) but was not able to get in before like this... running every test I can right now... but if i do a normal startup, disc read error...
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