Network Hub slowing down ADSL???!!!

I have a small problem. I finally got my hub to work and I can connect to the internet, but the speed is really low. Lower than dial-up. The thing is, that if I connect my cable directly to ADSL modem it works just fine, but over the hub it is slooowww. The other thing is, that the upload speed stays normal!

Can anone help me?!!
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  1. Try another hub perhaps?

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  2. change your nics to work at half duplex. i suspect your hub is [-peep-], but the duplex change is a workaround

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  3. Yeah, i'd check out the hub first. Try another one - I use a little Linksys 5 port hub which is perfect for little lans. See if you can borrow one first. Also find out about the speed of your net cards. I'm assuming they aren't prehistoric? :)
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