Recommendations for a Windows 8 hybrid?

Hey guys,

So I'm off to uni at the beginning of next year and I need some sort of portable computer (a 30kg desktop just aint gonna cut it) so I've been looking at buying an Asus Taichi once they're released as I really want something as portable and powerful as an ultrabook but can also be used as a tablet. I'm kind of getting frustrated that the Taichi keeps getting delayed so I'm thinking about looking into alternatives.

Other than the Taichi, the tablet with a removable keyboard form factor is what has so far appealed to me most because of its minimal weight when being used as a tablet and the extra battery life it gets when used with the keyboard dock is a bonus. So far the only device I've seen like this that's running something faster than an atom processor is Samsung's 11.6" Smart PC Pro, but I've had a play with the atom version and the plastic body really put me off (as does with their phones).

There's also the Surface Pro which looks really promising but it likely won't even be available (here in New Zealand anyway) by the time I need a computer and I'd prefer to have a proper keyboard (mind you I haven't had a chance to test either of the covers so I may be surprised with how they actually feel as they seem to have had some good reviews).

Would love to hear what you guys think.

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  1. Sorry about the double post, it said that the site was unavailable after i tried posting so tried to repost it. Would appreciate if a mod could delete the double up :)
  2. Speaking on the Surface keyboard cover, the hard key one (I think it's called the type pad rather than touch pad) is very nice.

    It's very close to a standard keyboard, and the best you'll find on a tablet.
    If you want it for school, a Surface works pretty well (my wife has one), although personally I'd want something with a strong processor and full OS for full-time use.

    If you can wait, I recommend waiting on the Surface Pro since it should work out the few kinks I've seen with the Surface, but it sounds like that may be too far out for you.

    I've heard good things about the Asus Transformer tablet.
  3. Thats reassuring to hear about the keyboard. The Transformer tablet is running Android though which isn't really what I'm after, if Asus were to hurry up and bring out the Trasformer book (if not the Taichi) then I'd be all over it.
  4. It says they're out of stock and I was looking for the i5 128GB version. Thanks anyway though :)
  5. sry about that seems like most touch screens are kinda slow.
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