PIO Mode 4 on a UDMA6 HDD

My brother kept telling me that has computer was running slower than it normally ran. It also wouldn't burn DVD's. After reading the DVD burning log, I thought that the problem might be the hard drive. So, I downloaded HDTach and it showed that the burst speed and average throughput was only 3.3MB/s. Any help would be much appreciated.

AMD Duron 1.8Ghz
ASRock K7S41GX (SiS 741GX chipset)
200GB Maxtor ATA133 w/8MB cache
512MB PC3200 at PC2100
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  1. Go into your device manager under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers".

    Right click on "primary IDE channel" and select properties. On the advanced tab, make sure it's set to "auto detection" and "DMA if available". You should also be able to see the current mode it's running in.

    Repeat for "secondary IDE channel".
  2. Thanks for the reply. Sadly they were already set for that, and the current mode is set for PIO.
  3. Have you tried deleting the IDE channels from device manager? Try removing them, then reboot and let windows re-detect them. Sometimes that helps.
  4. Just did that right before you mentioned it. It's showing UDMA6 in Device Manager now. Let's just see how long my brother can go without messing something else up now. Thank you for your input.
  5. It may not be totally fair to place the blame on your brother for windows going back to PIO mode.

    If the hard drive is faulty and sends to many errors, windows can 'automatically' drop the system back down to PIO mode for increased compatibility, or if IDE a cheap cable, or using the wrong type 40 wire instead of 80 can cause similar problems.

    Another source of blame is a fairly 'common' anti piracy program called 'StarForce' its a load of ......, and one of its more common side effects is to slow down disk I/O to such a degree that windows believes the drive is having errors, at which point windows drops back to PIO mode again.

    As you found out, uninstalling the Primary/Secondary controllers allows windows to redetect the drive and revert to UDMA mode, but if its a bad disk/cable/starforce installed, its could well revert to DMA mode at anytime, without any warning.

    Windows being windoes, its even possible that it was just the wrong time of month, the moon was in orbit or satern, mars was in assension, while uranus was in decent, and a black hole was passing through the solar system at 90 degrees.
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