best heatsink for athlon 64 x2 socket 939

i was just curious what everyone thought is the best heatsink for an AMD athlon 64 x2 socket 939.
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    This is the best performing HSF out there.
    This is the best looking HSF out there, and also performs well.
  2. Zalman CNPS9500, Tuniq Tower, Thermaltake Big Typhoon, etc... all of them are pretty much good at cooling a dual-core processor. Hell, if you keep the processor at stock speeds and voltages, a stock HSF will do a good enough job with decent thermal compound.
  3. what about the arctic cooling freezer 64 pro? It's easy to install, cheap and apparently keeps things pretty cool.
  4. Quote:
    CNPS9500 is over rated. It can't even beat Thermalright's old XP-120 for starters(when using same noised fan).

    Scythe Ninja PLUS is currently hold the No.1 spot for S939 HSF.

    hi,would you say that the Tt big typhoon is better than the zalman9500?
  5. Im using the Thermaltake Big Typhoon on my 840 EE. It cools it down to 43 at idle and 55 at load. Keep in mind that the 840 EE is a hot running chip and the Big Typhoon able to cool it down like that, I have no doubt it would cool down the much cooler X2 cpu. This HSF is very huge but fits nicely and does not get in way of the rams or any mobo components. Also I am able to overclock my cpu to 10% with no problem of overheating.
  6. My CNPS9500 is doing just fine though... its keeping my 4200+ at very nice temps which i'm happy with, so why the big fuss over it being overrated? I certainly know a heatsink which was overrated, and that was the Vapochill Micro heatsinks...
  7. My 9500 is doing just fine. Personally, I like how I am able to "point" the 9500 towards one of the back exhaust fans instead of just blowing air "into the case"
  8. I understand perfectly why a heatsink with a 120mm fan can beat one with only a 92mm fan, but the CNPS9500 still does a very good job with a 92mm fan. The only problem I would have with a Scythe Ninja would be the addition of a 120mm fan onto it. Because of the size of the heatsink, the fan would infringe onto the RAM modules, and even if I were to change the slots, there may still be some problems, which is why I picked the CNPS9500 over the Ninja, because I knew the 9500 would fit inside my rig.
  9. :roll: For the moment, I'm perfectly happy with my CNPS9500. It does the job and I couldn't ask for more. Maybe for my next pc, whether it be Conroe or AM2, I might consider the SI-120, but even then, I might go watercooling.
  10. thx for all the advice, it was all really helpful. I think i'm goin to go with the tuniq tower 120. thanx again everyone!!
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