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hey guys just wondering if any of you could recommend an LCD monitor for my pc, ive recently been thinking about getting the 24" Dell 2405FPW, its in my price range and ive seen excellent reviews on it...

or should i just go with the dell? >.<


ive been wanting a widescreen for a while now. For anyone thats interested i currently run a LG L1730S Flatron which at the time i got it, it had the fastest response rate of 16ms.
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    upposedly they have a new one in the pipeline which is HD ready and has a 8ms response time but i ain't heard too much about it.

    i heard something about that also, ill be using my monitor for my playstation from july cause im moving into a flat, and my tv wont fit into my bedroom lol.
  2. will do, thx for the tip, im still in too minds on how to connect my ps2 although thats for another thread.

    i was just gonna use a vga box.
  3. Well if you are into gaming then check out the ViewSonic VX922 with 2ms response time. It is one of the fastest 19" LCD monitor and perfect for gaming and it price is around $320. It's a kick-ass monitor and you can't go wrong with it. But a 24" wide screen would be nice as well.
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    no need flakes. the only problem is sound as the dell has a composite connector built in. my bro has a ps2 and to test out its pic in pic ability i connected his ps2 up. the only problem was the sound wires. they are glued to the composite. i didn't need them as i connected them up to my soundcard and thus to my speakers using the optical port. seriously gran turismo 4's start up sequence is pretty good for a console :P

    lol didnt realise, well the sound cables arnt a problem, i have them separated anyway to be plugged into my hifi.
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