Need help recovering deleted files!

i am having a problem and needed some help. my wife had some family pictures on a cd from about 2008. the cd has been misplaced (i know should have made a backup). the pictures were deleted from her old pc in about 2009 and i was wondering is it possible to recover these?

i do not believe they were written over because only about 150gb of her 500gb hard drive is filled up. she was one of those that was under the assumption that deleting files made the computer faster. the pc hasnt been used in a while but boots up fine. will any program allow us to get this back?

i have windows 7 and the pc she had was vista. i can remove the hard drive and run software on my pc to try to get back the files if its needed. thanks again
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  1. i am getting mixed results on if this is possible or not. does anyone know if it would be in my particular situation where it has been a few years
  2. Hi

    It should be possible to recover the files, however it has been a long time. If the sectors of the hard drive were they were located have been overwritten many times they may be harder to retrieve....

    a possible program to run is Recuva from Piriform. its simple to use and should list any files deleted on the drive ( even "securely" deleted files if you look through the settings ) i have had good results from it in the past. < a link with download/information on the product.

    Good luck
  3. thanks for all the replies. i appreciate them all. i have used some of the recommendations and i am having some luck but cant get everything back

    has anyone had any luck with wondershare photo recovery? thanks again
  4. You could try recuva software, it wud scan your hard drive and would come up with a list of items that were deleted in the past and you can choose the ones that you want to restore...

    already stated above!
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