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Installed on my comp an Ati Radeon 9800 Pro (128 Mb 256 Bit) about 12 months ago. Never checked if new drivers are available for updating. Understand that there is a CATALYST CONTROL CENTER PACKAGE released by ATI a couple of weeks ago which contain display and WDM Drivers.
Queston is if that is the Driver I must download to update the one this video card is using now.

I am a bit confused.

Have Windows XP Home edition. AMD 64 bit 3200+ Processor. ASUS Mobo
120 Gigs Samsung HDD plus 1 gig memory.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. You want the Catalyst 6.4 Windows XP - Driver Download.

    Catalyst Control Center Package Download
    34.2MB 04/12/06 Display and WDM Drivers included in this bundle
  2. You should be able to visit ATI's site and download the newest (v6.4) Catalyst driver suite.

    However, keep a couple things in mind:

    1. The old drivers will need to be thoroughly removed before trying to install the new ones. You can download a tool called "Catalyst-Uninstaller" from the same page as the Catalyst driver, and when you run it, it will delete every trace of the old driver. Then reboot, and install the new drivers.

    2. If you download the version of the Catalyst driver with Catalyst Control Center (CCC), you need to verify that you have Microsoft .Net framework v1.1 installed. It is available free from Microsoft's website as a standalone download.

    try this link, it has the driver, uninstaller and .Net software that you will need:
  3. Thanks for the been very kind in doing so... will do as you recomend... :D
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