Internet speed starts fast but slows down dramatically/Windows 7

I'm having an issue with my internet connection slowing down dramatically after I boot my computer. It starts off fast but quickly slows down to the point that it can take forever to load any website I go to. It doesn't consistently stay slow, but it is slow more than it is fast. I have always had a great connection with my provider until the last few days. My cable provider said they could find nothing wrong with my lines so I focused on my computer.

I have run boot scan for avast - it found nothing
I have run Malwarebytes - it found a trojan extract which it supposedly repaired (running a second scan to see)
My onboard nic card died during the process of all this so I bought a new one. I figured that was the issue but it is still doing it. I have rebooted my router and modem - no change. I have hooked my computer directly to my modem and nothing.

I decided to download a game over the internet to watch download speeds. I use to get 700 to 800 kb/s regularly. It starts off strong, but eventually gets down to 50kb/s and stays between 50kb/s and 150 kb/s. Again I have never had download speeds so slow.

I have also run some speed tests and noticed my ping to different areas of the country was jumping from 40 on the first scan to 1300 to the same location once I saw another slow down in my internet.

I haven't tested my other computer a lot, but I did notice when I had the major slow down about noon today that both computers were extremely slow on the internet which makes me believe it is the provider, but I do have some share folders so it could possibly have the same virus/trojan if there is one at all.

I can provide my Hijackthis report but I am new to the program and wanted to ask if there is anything I should be deleting from the notepad report before posting it on a public forum. i.e. Any personal information?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is frustrating.
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  1. This is unlikely to be your PC. What line speed is your router syncing at?
  2. This is unlikely to be your PC. What line speed is your router syncing at?
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