Lian Li PC-65B

Thinking of getting my first LL case. I own a stacker case now, it's just too darn big. The romance with this case quickly faded away, when I realized I am never going to run 9x120mm fans in it. I was drawn to it also because of the size in the beginning, but once again that love quickly faded.

I am after something with the following:

Great cooling
No front door
Mid-tower size
Clear side window
Removable mobo tray

So I came across this little beauty, and only 125$ I figured I couldn't go wrong.

Lian Li:

The reason I posted on this, is to see if there are any owners of this case, and can speak about the quality/cooling of this model LL.
Also, if there are other Lian Li's in this pricerange I should consider for 150$ or less.
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  1. ditto.. im looking at this same case. hopefully some owners will chime in
  2. I have that case...its really great, easy access to everything and good airflow
  3. By the 9 fan comment, I assume you mean you currently own the 830 Can you tell me more about why you don't like it? I'm thinking of getting one of these myself.
  4. Both Silverstone and Lian Li make fantastic cases. I don't think you can go wrong with either of them (though the Lian Li aquarium case did look a bit strange!).
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