Fastest CPU (Core, Frequency) Supported by IWill KK266?

I've received a lot of conflicting information. One source said the board will run the 2100+ as long as it has the Palomino core. Another source said the board will only go up to 1.4 GHz. Period. Everyone agrees the Thoroughbred core is out, but will the board support a Palomino (AthlonXP) or only the old T-Bird? And if it will support a fast? 1600+ (1.4 GHz)? Higher?

I finally found the old unofficial KK266 FAQ at and it only made me more confused:

Iwill's new Socket A motherboards, KK266-R and KK266, features the much-anticipated Apollo KT133A north bridge and VT82C686B south bridge from VIA Technologies Inc. Ultimate Upgrade features include: support for 266MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) Athlons coupled with 3 Phase Power to support up to 1.5GHz processor speeds.

Then, under CPU's:

* What CPUs' are Compatible? Your KK266 is designed to be compatible with both the "B" type (100/200mhz) and "C" type (133/266 mhz) AMD socket A(aka Socket 462) Durons and Athlons(Tbird)CPUs. The "B" type is "sold" to run at the 100 FSB (front side bus) speed. The "C" type is "sold" to run at 133 FSB. While the board runs at 100 or 133 FSB, the CPU runs at 200 or 266 due to it's EV6 DDR architecture. Your KK266 allows you to run either CPU type at either FSB speed thanks to its mulitplier (frequency) adjustments and FSB adjustments. However, you can't run your "B" type at 266 without some modification. See the Overclocking section. It's up to you to unlock the CPU's multiplier by connecting the L1 bridges if you want to overclock it.

*ID your CPU: What's the meaning of all those numbers and letters on top of your CPU's core? OCinside shows it all: Vcore, the Case temp rating, the L2 cache, FSB speed (type "B" is 200mhz, type "C" is 266 mhz), the year and the month of manufacture, etc.

*1.4 GHz Athlons:

It just leaves you hanging after the colon and doesn't say what kinds of 1.4 Athlons are supported. I'm assuming the T-Bird and the Palomino, but not the Thoroughbred (although I'm still not completely sure about the Palomino)

Some overclocking information (a link to another site) mentioned speeds of up to 1.53 GHz. Color me confused.

Can anyone give me a definitive answer?


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  1. My best guess would be 2 ghz. A multiplier of 15 is supported in the bios and it runs on 133 mhz bus. The last bios can be downloaded from Iwills homepage under legacy products.
  2. Thanks, but I could probably make a better "guess" myself based on the manual, the FAQ and the various replies I've received. Just because the BIOS multiplier goes up to 15 doesn't necessarily mean a 2.0 GHz CPU will work.

    Everyone agrees the Thoroughbred core is not supported at any frequency and that the T-Bird is definitely supported. There is disagreement about the Palomino core and the frequency--if any--that is supported.

    A guy at Hard|OCP said he owns one of these boards and even with the latest BIOS he couldn't get anything over a 1.4 GHz chip to work. Period. Someone else online said a 2100+ Palomino (1.53 GHz) works just fine (but he doesn't actually own one of the motherboards, so I'm disinclined to trust his opinion). A 2200+ won't work because anything above 2100+ is a Thoroughbred. To complicate the issue, there are both Palominos and Thoroughbreds at 1700+ to 2100+. Anything from 1600+ and below is a Palomino. (This is from memory, so don't quote me, please. I'd have to look it all up again to make absolutely certain.)

    If the guy at Hard|OCP is right, I can either get a 1.4 T-Bird or a 1600+ Palomino that runs at 1.4. Then again, I wonder if he had an adequate power supply and heatsink/fan combo. I also wonder if he remembered to adjust the core voltage when he attempted to run a Palomino on this board.

    I really don't know what the real answer is. I can't find anyone who sounds "official" enough. I've tried contacting IWill. Once I got what looked like a 404 Error, but it was in Chinese. I just tried regular e-mail. Hopefully, someone will get back to me with an "official" answer.

    I may grill the guy at Hard|OCP so I can get a sense of whether or not his assessment is correct.

    On edit: This is the wrong forum...DRAT!!

    Sorry, folks. :(
  3. Here is the word from IWill on this matter:


    The KK266 motherboard only support up to 1.4ghz Athlon Tbird. 1.5ghz was never produced by AMD. The KK266PLUS will support up to AMD Athlon XP1900+ Palomino processor.

    I'm not a "sir," but whatever. :) I'm glad I finally got a definitive answer.
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