Best Configuration for a Teledildonics Machine

What would be the best build for taking advantage of this new technology? How important is speed given women often seem to prefer slow and easy? For a manage a trios, would a dual core be necessary or a quad core for a full fledge orgy? How important are the graphics? 3D would seem to be something you’d want. Would appreciate any advise from the experts for the best components to take advantage of this new technology. As an aside, fortunately for me, my wife is technically challenged so I don’t think I have to worry about her running out and having a virtual affair.
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  1. Hi g-paw, the best Configuration is something like this:

    1) Open the door.
    2) Get out of the computer room.
    3) Go kiss your wife and hug the kids.
    4) Go out for a walk, clear your head of porn.
    5) Go to church and confess your sins.

    Come back a new man and make this post irrelevant.
  2. Actually my next build will be for some video editing, unfortunately, not porn. :D Thought this was interesting, had no idea people were working on this stuff. Given porn is a multi-billion dollar business and porn companies are leaders in tech development, likely sooner or later someone will start selling porn machines like they now sell gaming machines. Given how creative some of the people on this board are, thought I might get some interesting posts, e.g., is AMD or Intel better for high tech porn?
  3. AMD is definately better for porn, just ask any AMD fanboy.
  4. No way is AMD better for High Quality Porn then Intel.

    cuz Intel's priced more like an uber high class hooker :wink:
  5. lmao :lol: :lol:
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