QQ: 6600GT vs. 6800XT

Alrighty, yes this has been covered before but I have a different view. I have 25 mins until I go to the store and ive been mulling over each card now for 2 hours, im a little angry because I cannot get a decision due to separating the angry kids from the real opinions.

I don't see how people say "6800xt sucks" when clearly it doesnt (see below) its also been proven that the AGP version can be unlocked up to 16PP and 5 VP. Yes it has a Con out of the box the GPU Frequencies however they can be overclocked so aside from the obvious gain over Core Frequencies I don't see anything wrong with this card, please someone "convince me" not to get this.

GeForce 6800 XT | 8 | 4 | 256bit | GDDR3/128/256 | 425 | 500
GeForce 6600 GT | 8 | 3 | 128bit | GDDR3/128/256 | 500 | 1000

Thank you in advance.

- Christine
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  1. stick with the Xt. although it runs a little slower than the other card you can still OC it :D
    It has 256mb on ram on the card so it will do you good for some gaming, dont expect you card to perform on max settings cuz it just doesnt have the power, even when you OC it :twisted:
    -Good Luck-
  2. I've run a 6600GT for almost a year and its tops - for medium level performance, that is.

    If I was buying today then I'd buy the new mid 7??? series card. 7300 I think.

    Anyways, its the equivalent of what the 6600GT was when they released the 6??? series - except, obviously, its a better card technologically.
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