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Hello All...
Anybody ever used the Thermaltake Swing?

I'm building a new gaming system for my wife and found that I'm limited by my wife's office furniture. The case can be no more than 17 3/4 inches tall and 9 inches wide to fit. I've never used a Thermaltake case but in general from reading they seem to be well built but have sharp edges inside.

Here's the parts I'm considering for the interior...
AMD x3 4800, Asus SLI mobo, BFG 7900 GTX, Raptor 150 HDD and the usual other stuff.

Power Supply's a question too: PC Power and cooling which I've heard is the best but mondo expensive or Antec Neo which is much less.

Comments welcomed and appreciated. The case work for this or does anyone have a better case to suggest that's less than 18" tall?
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  1. thermaltake makes very nice products, i have a tsunami... if the swing has 2x 120 mm fans then im sure itll offer similar performance to my case, which is very good considering the heating unit thats inside this thing... 3700+ clawhammer, notoriously hot... altohugh its never overheated. id say ur fine with that, also if the antec case is under 18 inches id look into that, they make a very nice case. also the antec or thermaltake psu will be fine... id get at least 450 watts with all that hardware...
  2. I have the black model with the window, took me thirdy minutes to asemble, thats because I couldn't figure out the tooless instulation things. You need to buy the second fan for the front and I recomend reversing the fan in the back.
  3. its a decent case

    but for that price i would recommend a Centurion series. Click here!!!

    better quality build, better cooling, better cases
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