Modem forgotten by XP!

Hi guys - got a crazy problem here!

Whenever I wish to connect to the internet, XP reckons that either there is no modem attached to PC or that there is a Hardware failure.
I then have to go in to Control Panel, select the modem which is on COM 2 (US Robotics 56K) which Win XP says is not present, and delete it.
I then need to try and install a modem, whenupon lo and behold Win XP detects my modem and installs it automatically. All is then fine until I switch off and on again and XP has amnesia again!!

What could be wrong?

Thanks guys
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  1. Try entering "Legacy device not being detected" in MS problem pages.

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  2. Its the nature of the beast...
    Insure the modem is turned on when ya start your system - it'll remember then!
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