Is Opteron good for high end/future gaming?

Hi there I am a looking at a new high end gaming rig, money is not really a problem but I am thinking of giving the Opteron a go, I currently have Amd Athlon64 3500 , has any1 got a high end pc gaming rig using opteron and what are there specs and views on this,

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  1. Not worth it IMO considering what you've already got.
  2. I currently have the same processor and have decided to wait awhile before I purchase an opty. I think games in the very near future will take better advantage of the dual cores.
    As for the physics card, I will buy one. I do believe that this is the next big thing in gaming. I think physics cards and physics solutions with SLI and crossfire will change gaming as we know it. This could be the biggest advancement since 3d graphics.
  3. I'll buy a physx card when they go pci-e and cost less than $200. Not really worth any more since at that point i'd just rather go SLI.
  4. Thanks lads, cheers for your help and Interest in the topic. Will take advice abd wait till Crysis to come out I think, whatever beast of a system I need I will get I suppose, hopefully quad it up. Can you still put a Ageia PhysicsX card in, if you quad sli or not enough space for the card.
  5. AGEIA PhysX
  6. Opties are awesome. However you have a A64 3500, why waste your money. You already have a very capable processor.
  7. If you quad-SLI you cannot put a single other card in your machine without mostly covering up the cooler on one of your cards. Quad SLI is a waste of money and is only for bragging rights. Just SLI it with the best cards there are and stick the physics card in there to help out and you'll be golden.
  8. Cheers, I will wait for the G80 or G90 times 2 and a PhysicsX card nice1
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