reliable, fast SATA 2 HDD for my build??

I'm building a new system of modest means.
My target components are as follows:

ASUS A8N-E mobo
2x1GB DDR400 (Corsair XMS probably)
Athlon64 3500+
GFX brd tbd
HDD tbd

I already have a 160GB ATA drive left over from my previous pc.
My thought was to buy a new SATA drive to be used as my system drive for the OS and apps. The 160GB drive would become my secondary drive for work files, etc.
Since my A8N-E mobo supports SATA2, I would like a modest sized
SATA2 drive that is reliable and fast. Anything like 60GB would be fine for me.

Any recommendations? The WD Raptors lok nice but it's a bit pricey for me.

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  1. Well,I ended up going for a Seagate:

    I'm psyched !!!

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