Is factory GPU overclock worth the $ and better?

My question for opinion: Is it worth buying the XFX manufacturer overclocked 7900GT card or is just as easy to buy the cheapest 7900GT found and overclock yourself? Are the results the same? Is factory over-clocking just for those who don't want to bother with it themselves?

What are the pros/cons to this issue. If I can save $60 and overclock easily myself that makes sense. But if the factory over-clocked is better all the way around then maybe it's worth the $60. Thoughts?

The extreme over-clocked cards are always out of stock so apparently more people think that's the better road to travel. But are they just being had?
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  1. I think it could go either way. Yes, you don't have to do it yourself which is nice, plus the card will typically come with a better cooling solution, and you can always try to overclock it even more. Or just to have it because the PC is in a hot room. Or you could buy the regular version card, then add your own better cooling and OC. I think some people would rather have a slightly faster card with an intact wty. The vast majority of people don't want to mess with OC'ing or even changing heatsinks/fans.
  2. Yes, if for no other reason than the long warranty that comes with it. Overclocking on your own usually voids a warranty, but when you buy a factory overclocked card from a vendor like BFG, you get a lifetime warranty, which is invaluable in the event something toasts your card. Also, the performance increases can be noticeable, but generally, anything less than 10% O/C'd isn't going to yield much more than a few frames per second more than the vanilla card.
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