Best Water Cooling Pump for Quietness and Reliability

Hi All,

I have a water cooling setup, but my pump tends to get a bit noisy. It's getting on a bit now, and it's one of the first c-systems square pumps. Can anyone recommend a very quiet and reliable water cooling pump? I am not too concerned about overclocking potential, but more about the noise.

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  1. You should check this out then as I am saving some up for a complete system kit for my SLI set up. Swiftech got some really good products for a reasonable price. Don't just get any water cooling pumps you see that claims to be ultra quite for it doesn't move water effeciently and high flow. There are few good ones that you can get and Swiftech pump is one of them.

    the reivew.
  2. I'm using a pond & statue pump I bought from my local home center for
    $20. Been using it for 3 years now. Works great. :D
  3. Pond and Statue? Im confuse. :? is that some sort of a fish tank water pump or something. Can you show me some pics pls. :?
  4. Surely go for the swiftech 6xx series pumps!

    3.5 head pressure and 1000L/h is very good under low noise!

    gool luck
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the link to this pump, guys!
  6. that swiftech 655 is indeed a wonderful pump and i would recommend it to anyone who wants a easy to get, not that expensive and good performing pump.

    but if you want the best:

    its the MD-20rlz (don't forget the z)

    its probably the ultimate watercooling pump there is, huge amount of power, low noise, and a relatively low heat dump. there are more powerful pumps, but in a watercooling loop, they are useless as they have too much heat dump.
  7. A pond & statue pump is primarily used in your yard for small water falls or statues. I don't have any pictures. You can find them in the garden center of a home center store. :D
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