Advice overclocking a 3.0ghz p4 prescott 478 socket cpu

I want to oc my cpu (Prescott 3.0ghz p4 cpu) to 3.2ghz and maybe 3.4ghz. Is it as simple as changing the speeds in the bios or should I have something else in mind? I have pretty good cooling, with aluminium case, a pair of 120mm fans, a dual fancard and a 530 watt psu, but I'm worried if the stock fan intel provides will be adequate for any overclocking.

Your advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. i've got the P4 3.0ghz @ 3.6 on a stock HSF and its usualy only 3 deg more hotter than stock, you should be fine with the stock fan but just keep an extra eye on the temps as prescott's are know for thier heat

    the best way to O/C is through the BIOS and look for the FSB speed, increase this at ONLY 2-3 mhz at a time, reeboot run a demanding game test (3dmark) and continue whilst watching your temps.
    im sure theres other ways to overclock but this works dandy for me :D

    Hope this helps a bit

    P.s What are your other system specs?
  2. Thanx

    I have plenty of RAM- 2.5 gb 3200

    The rest of my specs are:
    ATI radeon 9800 pro 128mb
    200 gb Sata seagate 7200 rpm + Maxtor Ata 80gb 7200rpm
    Abit IC7 motherboard
    Tagan 530 watt psu
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