Having trouble installing my X-Fi

I bought a Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music today but as I expected I had trouble installing it. The card didn't really seem to want to fit into my PCI slot. It just seemed like it wasn't really going in. inally I just decided to screw it in and see if it works, it seemed to be in place with the screw fitting fine and the card not being wobbly at all.

I started up the computer and it was not able to find any new hardware. I then tried to run the installation of the X-Fi card and it said the computer could not detect any compatible product on the computer.

I have an MSI K8N Neo Nforce3 motherboard with integrated sound, which I disabled via my device manager, but the problem was still there. The bad thing is that I don't know if I just put the card in wrong or if there is some problem with the motherboard. Anyone have any idea?
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  1. Switch slots. Keep trying until you get a good fit. Try another PCI card in the same slot to test it.

    Do you have problems with other PCI cards fitting well? Could be you were a bit off mounting your motherboard, or are using an out of spec case.
  2. I tried switching slots, still no luck. I don't have any other PCI cards to try and install. I think it is the case, since something just won't allow me to push the card in all the way. I will take it to the store on Monday and ask them if they can install it, and if not, then I will buy a new case since I have been meaning to buy one for ages. Thanks!
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