How is this possible!? Anything to worry about??

I decided to OC my P4 a little more the other night... Stock clock is 3.0ghz and I usually just leave it on my MSI's D.O.T. setting "private," which up's it to a worthless 3.04ghz, but it seems to run better. Anyways, I started to OC and got it to 3.56ghz, and it seemed stable... then I started messing around and squeezing the juice, suddenly it jumped up to 32635.3 mhz on cupz with a fsb of 2175.7mhz!?!? My computer started running really choppy and the task manager showed a constant 85% cpu load... even with a couple of restarts it wouldn't stop acting up. I turned it off quick and left it alone for the night... although this morning it booted up just fine, but I didn't leave it on for long. I never messed with any voltages, did I do any permanent damage!? I wanted to upgrade, but not bcuz of my stupidity!! Oh, and I have a screen shot of my cpu-z showing the insane OC, but I didn't know how to insert the picture here. Any info will help, thanks guys!!
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  1. Just return all bios settings for FSB and voltages back to stock, and see where that takes you
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