Breakthrough 3D OLED MicroDisplays

Breakthrough 3D OLED MicroDisplays

The first 3D OLED based microdisplays for fullscreen 3D gaming from eMagin had OLEDs that lasted about 3 years before going dark. The updated MicroDisplays now last about 25 years. I see this as a huge breakthrough for OLED technology, 3D gaming and Virtual Reality.



OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode.
OLEDs are the new LCDs. Instead of requiring a backlight OLED pixels emit light via an organic/electric reaction.

OLEDs offer full 180 degree viewing angles, lower power consumption, slimer than LCD, and very fast response times with no ghosting. They will come in the form of full color displays, microdisplays, and will also be used in lighting for a more natural light source that uses allot less power and lasts longer than a lighbulb. The problem with OLEDs has been their relatively low life cycles especially with full color displays. That problem was finally overcome today by eMagin.


OLED-XL Micro Displays from eMagin : eMagin Corporation, the leader in organic light-emitting diode (OLED) microdisplays, today announced the first four product offerings of its breakthrough OLED-XL microdisplay portfolio. eMagin's proprietary OLED-XL displays provide a new level of high performance imaging, with up to 410,000 hours luminance life, the widest temperature range, and the lowest power requirement of any commercially available SVGA resolution microdisplay system. Combined with magnifying optics, OLED-XL displays create large, high resolution virtual images that are extremely compact and portable for use in personal display systems for applications ranging from PC gaming, portable media players or digital cameras.
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  1. yeah thats pretty cool...i think that company makes that 3d helm/goggles too?

    with like 1.5inch screen for each eye the dang thing cost like 800bucks though

    oh and they advertise that its like viewing a 12foot screen or something from 10 feet away?? not sure if my numbers are right there or not ...but they are preety freaking cool...

    and with out a doubt 25yrs for any display screen would be wild:)

    that would make me a happy camper
  2. Kewl :-D

    May I have one to play with please?

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