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After upgrading my graphics card from an ATI x700 to an ATI x850 pro, I had a frustrating situation occur twice.

1. During the first reboot (requested for the changes to take affect) the safe mode startup screen came up. The start windows normally option is hilited and a 30 second countdown begins. You have the option to hilite other startup methods by using the arrow keys --- and here in lies my problem ---although my keyboard is connected the arrow keys do not function and thus I could not make other startup choices. My computer went into a perpetual loop of trying to start windows normally after the countdown - failing- then trying again -- all the time I am not able to use my arrow keys.
(I solved the above by taking my computer in. The were able to get it started in safe mode)

2. The exact same situation occured weeks later when I updated my graphics driver. Once again I was stuck at the safe mode screen unable to us my arrow keys. This time around after lots of time and frustration I tried a keyboard with a psp port (not usb) and I was than able to hilite the safe mode start up option.

Can anyone help with this problem? I am leary about updating my graphics driver again.

Also I understand going through a safe mode start up when you make an extreme change like a graphics card upgrade but should you really have to go through a safe mode start up by simply updating your driver?

Thanks in advance -- Scullygirl 43
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  1. Well, the keyboard issue (USB type) you can resolve by setting the usb support in your BIOS to errmmm, BIOS instead of OS

    Go to ONChip PCI Device -> then select the USB Keyboard/Mouse Support Via -> BIOS/OS.

    As far as the Safe mode restart goes, I'm quite willing to put my neck on the block and say it's totally Windows bound -> suggest reformating :roll:

    Also, uninstalling drivers and reinstalling drivers should follow like this (dunno if you follow the same sequence):
    1.) Uninstall using ATI Uninstall Utility from Control Panel Add/Remove Programs
    2.) Reboot into Safe Mode - and use Driver cleaner Pro to clean .Cab file and afterwards any and all ATI software
    3.) Reboot into normal and install new drivers.

    It's tedious, but it's concrete and thorough. Plus you avoid any possibility of having Cat issues.

    Hope this helps a bit.
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