awful settings in gigabyte ga k8ns non pro

hello friends. well, im running a semphron 3100+ palermo core stepping E6 (sse2,sse3,amd64)well, the thing is that many friends have been able to get 500 mhz out of it even with value ram.

im running value ram, 1,5 gig, but i now one can run at 2.5,5,5,10 at 460mhz, but the other one, is rated at cas 3 pc3200, so i will have to base the ocing at the module that has less ocing capabilities. i know i should stick to 1T at all cost. but there are some settings i do not understand.

hope you can help me.

row precharge (trp) ?? is the same as ras precharge??

row to row delay (trrd)??

row cycle time (trc)??

row refresh cycle time (trfc)

read to write time (twr)?

write recovery time??

refresh rate???(tref)
read preamble value??
async latency value?

never in my life have i seen such weird settings.and no matter if i relax to cas 3,3,3,8 which are the timings for the lower speed model at stock 400mhz, the computer will not boot,and with those timings,stetting the ddr ratio to 2 / 1,5, still can boot. so i suppose there are important settings out of the normal ones that are not letting me even achieve the stock speeds of ram.

can any one help me please??????if you need more information to be able to help me, i will give it to you.
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  1. Consider killing the slanderous thread title and doing a little reading on RAM timings.

    You'll find the board quite capable, when in capable hands.

    (No Offence or anything, but it ain't the board holding you back in this case)
  2. i wasn´t expecting you to help me with this settings i´ve never seen, and i think you don´t know either what do these settings mean, but at least, you could have made a clarifiying answer just giving me a link to same page where all these settings appear, because i´ve been searching for two days, and most of those parameters have not appeared.

    anyway, thanks a lot for your input. it has served me a lot. at least to know that you don´t know either all those settings.
  3. YEAH! not everyones an expert here, thats whay we ask questions that might sometimes sound a bit n00bish..

    Anyway i have a GA-K8N-SLI mobo, and have looked at lots of forums and threads over the last few days, it appears alot of people of noticed that this board does not let you overclock the memory.
    After looking at cpu-z and seeing mine was running the memory at T2, i went looking for an option to switch it to T1, there is not one in the bios!

    ALso the Bios has an option called 'TOP PERFORMANCE' and it is not mentioned once in the 88page manual. Seriously, nothing
    i tried it anyway
    It does not unlock new options, it is a simple enable/disable option. I switched it on and according to cpu-Z all it did was overclock my processor (amd 4400+ x2) from 2211 to 2264(or something close). it did not effect memory timeings or anything else as far as i can tell. BUT HEY WHO KNOWS, I'M NOT SURE GIGABYTE EVEN KNOWS WHAT THE STUPID OPTION DOES!!!.. I know i wont buy Gigabyte product again!

    i have 2x1gig samsung memory if it makes any diffrence
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