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Hi there,

I've got a situation which goes something like this.... I have two PC's. One is directly connected to the internet using ADSL. The other is on the top floor of the house.

I'm looking for a solution so that both PC's can connect to the internet and was thinking about using wireless network adapters. I know nothing about them, and wondered if someone could give me some pointers about the types of pitfalls I may encounter, which wireless adapters are best, and what else I'll need to do this.

I was thinking about using Microsofts own internet connection sharing as this has been reliable in the past. I've configured lots of small networks this way without a trouble, using usual networking (hub etc).

Any tips / thoughts?

Many thanks,
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  1. First: Post this in the wireless section for more responses.

    Second: You will need a "router" to share the connection. You can get one with wired and wireless built in www.linksys.com Let the one PC stay wired and get one wireless adapter for upstairs. I use the USB wireless adapter on one PC and it works fine.
  2. You'll need a wireless router so both computers can access the internet at the same time. You could do one of two things: Put wireless receivers on both computers, or put only one wireless receiver and connect the other computer to the router the old fashioned way, with a cat-5 wire.
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