Upload giltches using any browser, any site.

Okay, so I did a quick Google search and it was obvious that I wasn't the only one having this issue, but no fix had been found yet, as far as I know - I'm hoping the intelligent fellows here at Tom's Hardware could be the first! (:

So the problem is as follows: Ever since I upgraded my Inspiron 530 to Windows 7 Professional from Vista Basic (I did a format + clean install), I've been having upload problems to almost all sites. Three days ago, I tried uploading a 70MB file to Mediafire, and the progress bar went instantly to 100% and just stalled with no other activity. I thought there was something wrong with Mediafire, so I decided to try FileQube. Same exact problem. I decided to just try it on my Macbook Pro and the upload worked flawlessly for both Mediafire and FileQube. I had a lot of things I needed to get done that day so I just decided to call it a day and troubleshoot it later. I forgot all about it.

Today, I tried uploading around 60 photos onto Facebook. The problem persisted - the progress bar would go instantly to 100% and then stall. The first time it failed, but I tried to upload the files again. Again, it went to 100% in a near instantaneous fashion. I decided to wait it out, hoping that it was just a progress bar glitch and that it was actually still uploading (but just not displaying it). Sure enough, I got a dialog box that read "Upload successful!". When I viewed the photographs that I uploaded, they were all glitched and blocky, with the colors all odd - there was obviously a corruption of some sorts going on. Again, I resorted to transferring the files over to my Mac and uploading it from there. It worked fine.

Windows 7 has been fantastic - this is my only issue with it. I was hoping with your guys' help, I could get my system working flawlessly!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Isolate the problem, try using IE and firefox and see if it occurs on both. If it does I would attempt to find newer network drivers just as a quick fix. If neither of these works I would attempt to see if uploading using other protocols like FTP still cause the issue.
  2. Uploading via FTP is fine (I recently updated my portfolio using FileZilla). I think the problem persists using IE.
  3. I would try firefox and see if the problem occurs, if it doesn't then you know it's IE for whatever reason. You then have two choices, try to diagnose the problem further or just use firefox which in my opinion is a better browser anyway.
  4. Oh, sorry for not making it clear in the first post - I'm using FF right now. I tried using IE after Braxton's suggestion and it still didn't work, which is why I said "I think the problem persists using IE". My bad!
  5. Maybe this is a firewall issue, try disabling it in the control panel. I'm only guessing now :D
  6. I'm having exact same problem on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, regardless browser I used (tried IE8, FF3, Opera 10, Chrome 3), disabling software firewall doesn't help. My notebook with Vista Ultimate 64bit seems to behave same way. Yesterday I sent large 200Mb file from my dad's pc with Windows XP with no problem. Looking forward to some clever ideas...
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