New SSD transfer programs on win7?

Ordered my new SSD a few days ago for a boot up drive with a few other games and programs (only 50gb)
I was wondering if i could install win7 on the ssd and then transfer the programs to the ssd? Like could i take the cod4, photoshop, sony vegas. folder and copy it to program files on the ssd and then format the old hdd to get rid of the operating system on it and other unwanted things? Or will i have to reinstall everything.

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  1. You can copy the folders to try to keep settings but you will still need to reinstall your apps so they function properly.
  2. If you just copy the Program Files folder, you wont copy over the registry keys, ect. that go along w/ it.
    Its always recommended to reinstall the programs on the new hard drive.
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