need help AGAIN

i aparantly have a gigabye GA-7VT600(-L) but i dont know what chipset that is and im wanting to know what is the best CPU that will work on it. i was planning on getting a sempron 2800+ and now they have this sempron 3100+ but i saw somewhere that it wont work on my MOBO also i saw they have these Semprons models that are K8 Sempron 3000+ 64bit S754 now i dont understand i thought that S754 didnt support 64bit and it sucks because now i wont be able to buy a new cpu!
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  1. Socket 754 doesn't support 64bit CPUs? Err, Athlon64?
  2. Socket A? No point in upgrading, buy a new CPU and mobo, unless you want to totally waste your money.
  3. Looks like the best thing you could buy for that system is an Athlon XP 3200. The best thing(s) to do would be to either a)live with it or b) get a socket 939 board. Sempron's are socket 754 or 939 so they won't work for you.
  4. well can anyone tell me what i could do with $200 then the best i could do wiith it?
  5. Not sure about US prices but you should be able to get a 3200 Athlon64 with a socket 939 mobo for $200.
  6. really wow
    thats amazing can you tell me what company because im not to familiar with MOBO companies. i will have around $200
    then i can sell my old MOBO and buy a new video card
  7. Gigabyte K8VT890-9, K8T890, S939, DDR400/Dual/, PCI Express, SB7.1, Lan1000, ATA133, Serial ATA Raid
    if i get this would my ram now still work on it?
  8. There's no way you could get enough for any 2nd hand motherboard (especially something like Socket A) to buy any kind of decent video card, I'm afraid.

    Your AGP video card will be compatible with some S939 boards still, however unless you want to look at a new motherboard next time you want a new video card, you should hold off the upgrade 'til you get some more cash together for a PCI-E video card, motherboard and S939 A64.
  9. Quote:
    Sempron's are socket 754 or 939 so they won't work for you.


    S939 Solution:

    Board. $66.99

    CPU. $113.00

    You can use your existing RAM (You are using DDR 400, right?) and AGP card with this board.
  10. well if i get an agpx one i can sell my old mobo cpu and mx440 for about $60( im in Europe bulgaria to be exact) and i will get something second hang like a 6600 :)
    what do you think
  11. that sounds great, will see if i could that out here in Bulgaria thanks
  12. According to Asrock, you can get their products here.

    There was another site listed, but the link didn't work.

    If you can hop the border into Romania, you can try here as well.
  13. There are a few board manufacturers that have done a combined PCI-E/AGP board. I'm not sure of the model codes, but if someone remembers them and posts them :wink: that would be an ideal situation.

    So you could:

    Buy new board and processor for $200

    Sell old motherboard and processor for $40 (???)

    Wait, and spend however many $$$ on a new PCI-E graphics card further down the line.

    Sell your MX400, which by then will be worth maybe $5?

    That's a plan!
  14. I've read in the forums (from a reliable poster) that those other boards cripple the AGP slot by actually running it through the PCI bus. I've also read that they are limited to a few select AGP cards (there's usually a list posted on their sites) which can be used.

    Apparently, the Asrock Dual board is the only one that has "true" PCI-E and AGP capabilities. If I can find the original thread I'll post a link here.

    EDIT: Here's the thread.

    You never know, he's in Bulgaria (home of the most feared Olympic Weightlifting Team in the world, go Zlaten!!) so he might me able to fetch a decent price for the old card.
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