Vcore voltage fluctuation tolerance?

I know it is very important to have a stable psu and especially during overclocking. My question is, with the vcore voltage. If there is any, how much tolerance should a psu have in voltage or there should be no voltage fluctuations at all?

My cpu's vcore is 1.360 but sometimes moves down to 1.344 and up to 1.376. Right now my cpu is overclocked 20% from 3.2 to 3.840Ghz. Should I be concern with my cpu's vcore voltage fluctuations?
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  1. That's not the PSU, but the regulators on the MB. But, any swing in that voltage is more than likely false, from poor monitoring circuitry rather than actual variation.

    But anyway, lets say the readings are real, so you're talking about how much variation? Less than +/-.02 volts (20mV)! Not much to worry about, is it? Thats about +/-2% variation, probably well within tolerance.
  2. Ok, I see. Anyways the fluctuation is base on what the CPU-Z is giving out and for I do not know any other software that can accurately monitor the vcore voltage. I heard that some have difficulty overclocking thier cpu due to the instability of thier psu and that it cuases crashes. And I'm also wondering what is the difference between a psu with active PFC and the ones that do not have it.
  3. Like Pain explained, those fluctuating readings are insignificant, don't worry...
  4. Cool...Thanks for the help guys.
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