Sony VAIO RB38G Power Supply upgrades? - PSU model hp-p3087f

I have a Sony VAIO RB38G and it has a 305w psu in it currently. They also have no power switch on the rear of the machine.

Does anyone know if there is a PSU that I can get that will actually fit this machine without cuttting or doing major modifications to the case?

I cant even seem to find a way to buy a new Sony PSU from Sony that is of a higher rating. That alone seems kind of silly dont you think?

My PC is still underwarranty so I am hesitant to start chopping if I can avoid it and I really do not want to buy a new case but so far that sounds like the best solution.

I ran the PSU estimator program and it said I needed about 383w for what I am already running... probably explains the artifacts in Battlefield when I first start and the need to sometimes reboot before I play certain games. Everything runs fine though other than that annoyance. However, even if I cut out 2 HDs, 2 sticks of RAM and 2-3 USB devices I can not get back down to 305w on that estimator. Plus what is the fun in removing items I use? I would like to move up to a 7600GT or higher video card - I have 6600gt now - but I am sure I cant do that now since I am already over the suggested amounts.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If there is anyway I can easily upgrade this power supply without irreversibly damaging the case or buying a new one I would appreciate the information.

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  1. maybe a brand or model or company that th ePSu is made by, its prolly normal ATX psu so any PSU will be fin, i'd recommend a thermaltake TruePower 420w (or 480w) good PSU, cheap. OR Forton Group or Sparkle PSU's
  2. Sorry, model number is hp-p3087f3

    This shows to be either a Gateway or a Hipro on web searches, which I am guessing means a Hipro and both Gateway and Sony use them... wouldnt that be a pretty standard deal then or are both using the same "proprietary" PSU?

    The PSU I borrowed to check placement and swap ability was an Ultra and I swear the holes didnt look to be lining up. Maybe it was because of the power switch being in the way of the back panel.. or is that the back panel in the way of the power switch? :)

    Anyway, ok maybe I have some hope afterall? Anyonehave any idea if this baby is easily upgradeable and maybe I am just cockeyed when it comes to replacement placement? Or just buy a good one without an off switch in the way?

    Woohoo 7900 here I come! Maybe lol
  3. Hello!

    I am currently using a Sony Vaio VGC-RB52 (4 months old).

    I upgraded the stock 305 watt PSU with an Antec 480 watt True Power 2.0 PSU. It fit perfectly!

    Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks much. I just ordered one. :)
  5. did u order the 480w BLUE? the blue is a few dollars cheaper on newegg
  6. was $70 shipped so I went with them, it wasnt the blue one :(

    I was going to go with the UV colored mods if I had to get a new case but since it looks like I was able to avoid that I stuck with the plain one. I then ordered at BFG 7600GT for $185 after rebate from Zipzoomfly.

    Next week will be a good week. Woot!
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