ASROCK 939DualsataII Wont Post with my Radeon 9800pro/xt.

Just upgrade my wifes rig to an Athlon 64 system and got her into a a64 3200, ddr 433, and Radeon 9800 pro agp. My problem is that this system will NOT post with the Radeon 9800 in there. All the fans come on and the drives are booting up but the screen is blank and no post occurs. I have already repalced the PSU to a Fortron Blue 500 to no luck.

Here is the annoying part, I can put in her old geforece ti4600 in the same agp slot and rig comes up just fine. So I had a friend try my radeon 9800 in his rig and it works just fine. What the hell am I missing here? Unfortunate I have no voltmeter but Im suspecting a compatibility issue OR voltage probem in my agp slot.

Who else has ran into this mobo and has a cure to this plague?
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  1. Have you connected the 4-pin ATX 12V Power Connector to ur mobo from the PSU? I had this problem with my geforce7800gs.
  2. oh yeah
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