Best <$100 MoBo - Asus vs DFI?

Greets all.
Need a quick tally towards this question.
DFI OR ASUS for MOBO..(or best mobo under 100 bucks)
I'm looking for something to run my new 3200+ venice. I want to overclock and will run a 7600gt. For now, mostly, my overclocking will be limited to having fun but reverting back to unoverclocked until I burn in for at least 3 months.

This mobo recommended to me (which has Ultra in it's title..what's that?) seems to have MANY MANY people saying that it either was dead on arrival, died after a few weeks/months, or was noisy, cumbersome, and missing vital information...OR WORSE incompatible with most ram.

This mobo, seems to have some happy customers, and in my experience has worked GREAT for me. I am running a 1.5 ghz machine (p4) and have had this machine running games and apps for a total of about 5000 hours.



SO - I guess I should also ask, is the corsair valueram any good? :)
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  1. Hi Sincraft,

    A few thoughts.

    1) The motherboard recommended to you was the DFI nF4 Ultra-Infinity ATX. I have heard bad news about this board. Horror stories like the mobo locking up and rebooting all the time. So I'd avoid it. 8O

    2) Two motherboards which I can recommend to you for under $100 are the ASUS A8N5X and the MSI K8MM-V.

    The ASUS A8N5X is exceptional. Its a great mobo - perfect for overclocking, even for newbies. The onboard audio is pretty good, comes with PCIe and lots of USB 2.0. Really good price for a lovely board.

    The MSI K8MM-V mobo is also great. A friend of mine upgraded from an nforce 150 board, and it performed rock solid. Cool and Quiet works well on the board.

    If you're interested in knowing more about choosing a good motherboard, do check out this link.
  2. I can also recommend the Asus A8N5X. That is what I'm using right now and can say that I've had zero problems with it. I havn't dabbled in overclocking yet (still reading about it), but I will probably start overclocking very soon.
  3. Glad to know there's another satisfied customer of the Asus A8N5X.
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