Help with a home network

Cable modem------Netgear Switch

from the switch---Bro's PC---My PC(xbox and PS2)

We are both using Windows XP w/SP1. We both have each others accounts on both machines.It will not let us network our computers at all. The closest we have been to an actual working network is being able to see each others PC, but not being able to get in to it. It says something about not having rights to access the PC, to contact the network admin. :(

Sometimes it wont even allow us to see the PC's :( In XP when running the network connection wizard it gives us 5 options.

1.Computer connects directly to the internet. Other computers on my network connect to the internet through this computer.

2.This computer connects to the internet through another computer on my network or through a residential gateway.

3.This computer connects to the internet directly or through a network hub. Other computers on my network also connect to the internet directly or through a network hub.

4.This computer connects directly to the internet. I do not have a network.

5. This computer belongs to a network that does not have an internet.

Which option do I have to choose, and which does my brother have to choose. What else can I do to help me get my network up and running?
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  1. You must share files,folders or dives before they can be accesed by the other machine.

    option 3 describes your setup.

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  2. If you want to share a whole drive, in my computer right click the drive and select sharing. Then check "share this folder on the network" and give it a name. You can then check "allow network users to change files" if you need.
  3. I have things shared, but it still doesnt work. Maybe I need a router to give me internal IP's instead of this ghetto switch I have.
  4. Just a suggestion, because I had similar problems. If you have any firewalls like ZoneAlarm or BlackIce running, turn them off.

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  5. Just manually assign each comp a IP adress and Subnet Mask within the routers range.
    as an example (your router range may be different)
    1st comp IP SM
    2nd comp IP SM
    Then specify the routers address as the Gateway

    You may also need to specify DNS numbers and Domain name for your specific service provider.

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