CPU frequency blocks Win98 SE

I also have asked Microsoft Hellas about the problem that showed up, but they didn't satisfied me (maybe they don't know yet or most possible they don't want to tell me). I think and I am almost sure that Win 98 SE can't work with CPU's running with high frequencies. I put an 1,2Ghz Athlon to work at 1,466Mhz. The following error occured:
"Invalid system disky
Disk I/O errory
Replace the disk and press any key to continue"
At 1,2Ghz windows work good, but at 1,466Mhz windows cannot boot. I remember that I had encountered the same problem 1 and a half year before with a K6/2 - 500 Mhz and Windows 95. Windows 95 couldn't boot unless the CPU's frequency was below 450Mhz. When I upgraded to Windows 98 the CPU worked fine at 500Mhz.Does Windows 98 have the same problem? Anybody knows it for sure?
Thank You,
Elias Pentikis

P.S. System has:
CPU: Athlon 1,2Ghz 266FSB
Mainboard: QDI Kinetiz 7E
Memory: SDRAM 128MB/133MHZ
Hard Disk: Western Digital 20GB 7200 RPM
Graphics: TNT2 Vanta
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  1. I would reckon its a hardware issue mate.

    Perhaps PSU or cooling.

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  2. What do you mean about having problem with the PSU?
    I also don't think that the problem is relevant with cooling. At 1,2 Ghz the CPU works fine at 37C. I have Coolermaster 6I11 which is also AMD recomended.
    Is it possible that the greek version of Windows 98 SE has the problem and not the English version?
  3. Sure I would of heard about this before if it was a Windows issue, but then I could be wrong...

    The Win'95 bug was a timing issue which only manifested itself with AMD K6 processors.

    It was well documented and a fix was (reasonably) quickly released.
  4. Sorry, sorry.
    Just re-read it. I'm talking crap.

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  5. How did you overclock the chip? It sounds like your fsb is too high. Your ide controller is a pci device and can be adversly affected by overclocking the fsb. Just what it sounds like to me; works fine @ 1200 but if it goes to 14xx it gives a disk i/o error. You may want to re-post this in the overclocking section because I think that's your real problem. -matt
  6. Well, I just changed the multiplier and not the FSB. I am one of those lucky guys who got an unlocked Athlon at 1,2 Ghz. Anyway, Microsoft Hellas finally answered me that on no occasion Win98 SE Greek version has problems with the high frequency. So I quess that it has to do with the mainboard. The strange is that I couldn't even boot up with a boot diskette. The system freezes. Anyway, I will check this out with my mainboard's provider. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. I blame the overclocking too, I wiped a complete hard disk when trying to overclock a k6-3, gave missing file prob during boot, re clocked back to normal and hard drive was full of what looked like random information.

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