What Windows version do I need for my new rig?

Just ordered all my PC components, all I need now is my OS. What version of Windows do I need? Is it Windows 8 64 bit OEM?

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  1. Whatever OS you like the best.
    Either Windows 7 Home Premium or 8 Pro 64-bit should work just fine.
  2. But I will have no OS on my PC when I get it. Therefore, I cannot "upgrade" my current version. I will need an OS that does not require for you to already have an OS installed on your PC.
  3. As long as you don't buy an upgrade version then anything will work. Windows 7 64bit is generally best for games as 8 doesn't have all drivers ported and is having some issues at the moment.

    It's personal preference really.
  4. arcticle said:
    But I will have no OS on my PC when I get it. Therefore, I cannot "upgrade" my current version. I will need an OS that does not require for you to already have an OS installed on your PC.

    It is more than a preference than a need issue.

    Many do not like the new interface of Windows 8, compared to 7.
    Personally, I agree, and suggest windows 7 if for no other reason that it is more mature, an will not have any issues with it.

    If your pc has 4gb of ram, then 32 or 64 bit would be ok.
    If you have more then a 64 bit version will be needed to access more than4gb.

    And.. If you have more than 16gb, you will need windows 7 pro or ultimate to address >16gb.

    You can buy windows 7 in three versions.
    Retail is the most expensive. It can later be transferred freely to a new motherboard.
    You also get 90 days MS free support for install issues.

    OEM is much cheaper, but you get no MS support except for updates, and there are limits on how freely you can transfer the license to a different motherboard. You need to pick 32 bit or 64 bit versions.

    Upgrade will cost about the same as oem, but it is considered as retail.
    It comes with both 32 and 64 bit dvd's.
    If you have a valid copy of windows you qualify.
    But, it need not be installed on your pc to do a clean install using upgrade media.
    Read here for a full explanation:

    My take is that most users will qualify and benefit from using the windows 7 upgrade package.

    Windows 8 may work differently, dependong on how you acquired it.
    Read more here: http://winsupersite.com/article/windows8/clean-install-windows-8-upgrade-media-144648
  5. Windows 8 there are no driver issues with windows 8 and games. Please do not summit incorrect info. In fact games run with no issues, please give concrete evidience of current or past games that have driver issues.Edit you have upgrade to a new system so your hardware will support windows 8 and dx11. your good to go: Edit one more time, 8 and more version, will support dx.11.1, more reason to buy 8. Currently 7 only does some features of dx 11.1
    buy windows 8
  6. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1-U x64 Retail.
  7. Would you give more reason why 7 sp1 over 8, 7 does not support dx11.1 and he has a new system that will support dx11.1.

    windows 8
  8. I will be getting Windows 8... Not Windows 7.

    Will this suffice? Again... I will have nothing installed on my PC once I build it - OS included.

    I plan on buying 8 GB memory, so what you are saying is that I want the 64-bit version rather than the 32-bit?

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