Motherboards with PCI Express 4x are SLI capable

So I was wondering what I could do with my pci-express 4x slot on my Asus A8N-E motherboard. This board came out before the popular SLI boards but it was initially advertised as being able to run two graphics cards.

Confirmation of this:

While in the future a SLI setup might be hampered in a 16x + 4x config, it doesn't seem to be this way now.

Glad I saved my $50 and opted for the board I did over a double 16x board.

This is something for all to consider who are out shopping for a new MB and considering SLI.
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  1. Nice link! Saved to Favs...

    SLI however is a different animal...It requires a physical connection (between the two cards...) and software that recognizes the motherboard as a sli-enabled system. Tons of people were changing their 8 n 8 pci-e slot mobo's in to sli systems, simply by purchasing the hardware connection to connect the two cards...Nvidia caught on and changed their drivers to only recognize motherboard manufacturers that had payed for the SLI License.

    Things could have changed since then tho...But i doubt they've changed that much.
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