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WTS: Full System will be for sale - Other goodies up 4 grabs

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October 12, 2006 10:18:22 AM

I have decided to fix up my Athlon XP system and sell rather than pawn off the parts seperately. All items except for the Athlon XP 2000+ and motherboard are withdrawn from sale. These should be the final specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2700 (Thoroughbred-B)
-2.16GHz, 333MHz FSB, 128KB L1 / 256KB L2
ePox 8K8AI Pro motherboard
1 or 2 Western Digital WD800JD 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drives*

-7200 RPM, 8MB Cache
nVidia GeForce 6600GT 128MB AGP 8X (525/1100)
16x DVD+R R/W Drive
16x DVD-ROM Drive
3.5" 1.44MB Floppy
Black ATX Mid Tower Case w/ 480W PSU

*options are buyer's choice and will configure accordingly.

I will post a price, pics, some benchies, and final specs once it's done.
Ask me about the video card and CPU pricing via pm.

*UPDATE - This system will be sold around tax time (January) since I will be building a new dual core beast. I will post specifics when it is to be sold.

On an additional note I have an MSI KT4V-L Socket A motherboard for $30, An old Maxtor 40GB ATA/100 hard drive for $25, and lastly but not leastly a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit for $20. PM me or post here if you want 'em.

The X1600 Pro has been Sold! Thanks Titanion!
October 12, 2006 4:22:17 PM

Post a pic or link to a pic on that computer. I may be interested.
October 12, 2006 5:18:00 PM

Will pm a link if requested.
October 12, 2006 5:20:01 PM

Ok. Well you answered my other question... about price.
For not much more I can get a new Emachines ($100-$200).

If you dont sell it and want to consider revising your price let me know.
October 12, 2006 5:21:40 PM

Well what did you have in mind? I'll go lower depending on what you offer.
October 12, 2006 5:23:59 PM

$75 Shipped COD.

Let me know when you are ready to sell it.
October 20, 2006 4:42:11 AM

Bump!!!! :mrgreen:
October 23, 2006 12:06:12 AM

lol :lol: 
October 26, 2006 5:29:40 PM

How much would you charge, including shipping for just the MSI KT4V-L revision 1.0A Socket A motherboard? My zip is 55422, if that helps figure out shipping.
October 26, 2006 8:01:25 PM

$40 once I get my other Socket A board back from RMA. It might be a week or so but I'll let you know when I can ship.
October 26, 2006 8:09:18 PM

Well, I'll watch this post. But, I just want you to know, I need to look around a little before I can confirm that I want it. My goal is to find an AGP mobo for a Athlon 2800xp, for a total cost of no more than $30 out of my pocket.
November 5, 2006 3:52:30 AM

Oh yeah and that MSI KT4V-L I got will be up for sale next week (hopefully) - I just got my Epox board out to the RMA dept. and its 3-5 days to process and another 2-3 to ship back so it should be up for grabs as of the end of next week. $40 including shipping. Works best with nVIDIA graphics parts FYI.