6600GT, 6800GS or x800GTO? (AGP)

So I've got about £100 ($178) to spend and am pretty resound to the fact that a Geforce 6600 GT would be the best choice for my budget. The only problem is that there are so many different ones. Can anyone recommend any really good ones? Should I go 128MB or 256MB RAM?

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  1. Hi Ghostwalker,

    For $178, you're pretty much spoilt for choice.

    You can try any of the following cards - I did a check, they all retail for under $170:

    1) PNY GeForce 6600 GT, (128 MB) PCI Express Graphic Card
    2) NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT VPU, 500 MHz , PCI Express Interface,
    3) Pine Technology GeForce 6600GT, (256MB) (256 MB) AGP Graphic Card

    Personally, I'd go PCI-E of course. And my card of choice (which I used to own) would be the PNY Geforce 6600GT. Why? Well, because:

    Pros: 256MB, PCIe, S-Video, DVI, Component, and Composite outs. This card handles any game I have run on it. I ran HL2 before and after and overall sped up the game. Battlefield 1942 and CS-Source all run ...
    super smooth. Installed without any problems

    Cons: Better cards are available. Yes, the 6800 and 7800 are available, but this is not a bad card for the money. I haven't had a single problem with the hardware or software parts of it. Hooked in into a 52" HDTV and it played great.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention that it has to be AGP.
  3. Is no one else able to help ... :cry:
  4. for gfx cards the manufactures of the cards dont really matter. Most go by the reference design of the gpu manufacturer. Go with the one that is cheapest/has best offer (warranty, included games,...) for you.

    As for the card itself. Go to whatever shop you use in the uk, put in you max price and get the best card you can afford (go with most memory, newest gpu,...) You might want to look into the VGA charts here on THG.

    if you are lucky you might get a 6800 (like here on newegg for under 180$ + shipping).

    Sorry that i cant say anything else useful
  5. This Is The Best AGP8X 6600GT ( OverClocked From The Factory )
    BFG Tech GeForce 6600GT OC
    Don`t Buy Any Thing Else ... :twisted:
  6. My advice is to not go with a 6600gt and get a 6800 vanilla, and try and unlock the extra pipelines and shaders then o/c it to GT speeds.


    Although that is slightly over budget i believe it is worth the extra £13 over the 6600GT.
  7. On this side of the atlantic, you can get X800 GTO's for around $100, if you can find them over there you'd want to consider them, they're faster than the 6600 GT.
  8. Mmm...I can't seem to find any benchmarks for the x800GTO. So how does it stand up against the 6600GT and the 6800GS, both in terms of performance and money?
  9. If you just look at stock AGP performance overall, the 256MB X800GTO>6800GS>128MB X800GTO>6600GT.
  10. Looking around at prices the x800GTO 256MB seems cheaper than the 6800GS 256MB so if the x800 performs better this seems like the logical choice. Right?
  11. Quote:
    This Is The Best AGP8X 6600GT ( OverClocked From The Factory )
    BFG Tech GeForce 6600GT OC
    Don`t Buy Any Thing Else ... :twisted:

    It's overclocked 50MHz core and memory. Lame overclock, if you ask me, and there are AGP 6600GT's available on newegg for $130.

    I'd get the 256MB X800GTO, and try to unlock it to 16 pipes, and overclock to X850XT speeds.
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