Opteron 165 vs Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+

I need some help.

I'm debating getting the Opteron 165 or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+. I currently have the DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert motherboard and a Thermal Take Big Typhoon CPU Fan. (http://tinyurl.com/fmru4) I'll be overclocking either cpu I get and I can afford either one.

I've heard of people OC'ing the Opteron 165 close to 2.8 or higher. What can the 4400+ do?

What do you think the highest stable OC I can do with the TT Big Typhoon?

I'd love to hear your opinions.
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  1. getting the opty and hoping for a 2.8 OC is like a crap shoot....good luck. The 4400 is a good buy, keep in mind that there are 2 versions of it out now, a 110w and an 85w version...(someone correct me if im wrong) If you have the money get the 4400.
  2. Alright, just wanted to make sure because I've heard alot of people regret getting the 64 X2 chips and praise the Opteron.

    What do you think a nice OC is with the 4400+? And what do you think I could get with the TT Big Typhoon and a nice Lian Li box?

  3. I believe there is an E6 stepping in the new 4400 x2. You have to look for it, though I think zipzoomfly has some at a premium. Opteron 165 vs 4400 x2 hmmm the Opteron 170 would be more competition and closer in price. Still the 4400 x2 will out performe the 170 unless you are talking about overclocking. Pushing for 2.8 OC is very doubtfull on any of these chips. Best you are looking at is 300-400mhz increase which in its own right is alot. 4400 x2 vs the 165 you are starting at a 400mhz disadvantage. 4400 x2 vs 170 a 200mhz disadvantage. Yes you can probably get an opteron to overclock higher than an x2 but at a cost of stability. Stick with the 4400 x2 and find one with the E6 stepping.
  4. I think AMDs stock cooler is great. I know that it ships with the opteron, but I dont know if they are shipping it with x2s yet. I have it on my fx60, and I made a custom adapter for a 92mm vantec tornado fan, becuase the stock fan just doesnt push enough air. Right now its OCed to 3.02 stable with only 1.4v, temps dont break 50c. Its a very efficient, very FREE heatsink, and outperforms most watercooling setups ive seen. I imagine a 4400 will reach 2.8 easily
  5. Heres a link to compare the 2 available 4400s. They both have E6 stepping....which is just a better memory controller.

  6. Quote:
    getting the opty and hoping for a 2.8 OC is like a crap shoot....good luck. The 4400 is a good buy, keep in mind that there are 2 versions of it out now, a 110w and an 85w version...(someone correct me if im wrong) If you have the money get the 4400.

    You are correct, but it is 89watt, not 85.....I picked up the 89 watt at zipzoomfly - they have them listed as seperate boxes "ADA" and ADV- the 89 watter.

    Note, other sites are NOT listing them seperate, and AMD actually says both go in the ADA box....so be a bit wary if you really want the ADV, make sure that is what you aregetting.
  7. Thanks for the correction :oops: ....out of curiosity what cooler came with your 4400?
  8. Surprisingly the old-style non-heat pipe version.

    That is probably my only disappointment in the purchase of all the parts with my new rig....I was hoping/expecting the heat-pipe version, but didn't get it.

    But on the up side, the old-style stock HSF seems to be very good.

    I may end up purchasing something bigger/better later on....perhaps this summer if I have issues with my temps.....but right now I'm satisfied.

    Before I purchase one though, I'll probably pick up an 80-120mm converter and try a 120mm fan on the stock heatsink.
  9. The opty 165 CCB1E's were able to OC to 3.0ghz.

    I have a CCBWE that I havent OC'ed yet, that will begin between 3-5 days from now.

    In general the 165's are a much better choice then the X2 4400+ your looking at.

    Reasonings being, the really only con of the 165 is the lower mutli... which that DFI board you have (and the Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D I have) take care of with FSB's up to and beyond 400.

    The 165 is much cheaper then the 4400+ even if you invest into a good aftermarket cooler.

    165's have been known to hit about 2.6 fairly easily... some hitting 2.8+ with a little luck and a good cooler.

    If your on a budget or dont have money to burn... go 165. You get FX-60 status for 1/3rd the price. If you have money to waste then go 4400+.
  10. I have a opty 165 with 610 CCBBE stepping from monarch.com. the stepping is not guaranteed, but from what i hear over at hardforums those are the ones monarch has been shipping. they are having a good deal on them at the moment (327 - 70 promo coupon = $276 shipped). most are hitting 2.8 on air, and people are still testing as this is a newer chip. 2.9 is the max i've seen with a dfi expert mobo. I had mine up to 2.77 (308x9) with my ghetto refurbed asrock dual939 mobo, cnps7000alcu hsf, and 768mb of ddr333 ram (@100). But i like it better at 2.6 with 1.3v mem at 133. check it out. As for my max i errored out at 2.8(310x9) my ram or mobo (1.4v max cpu 2.7v max mem) is limiting me at the moment because i dont think my temps aren't too high. The 170's are supposed to be better with their 10x multiplier but this is all i could afford to splurge on, didnt think the 90 extra was worth it.

    -as i typed this my fx600 epsilon came in. w00h00! clean power!
  11. Well i have an opty 165, My friend is building it and OCing it as we speak.
    I bought the Zalman CNPS9500 LED ultra quiet cooling fan. My friend was surprise to see the stock cooling tho, with heat pipes or whaterver( he is the techie lol)

    Right now my PC is running 2,5ghz and stable with temps under 50 for CPU and 40 or 45 ( not sure) for the mobo
    he might try for 2.6-2.7 but at this point it doesnt really make a big differences( unless your desperate for a few more point in 3D Mark)

    I dunno about the price you guys have but my Opty performs at almost an FX-60 for the third of the price. What more can you ask?
  12. YEAAAAa! I just picked up the same stepping on eBay for 310 dollars! konman I heard these steppings are BADDDDD! Omg, don't listen to these guys, pick up a 165 from monarch or eBay. You'll get to 2.6-2.8 for sure, air, and it will be more satisfying getting there with a 165 because it's stock at 1.8, compared to the 4400's 2.2 stock speed.

    Plus, if you wanna go higher than 2.8, you need to watercool the 4400. They are the same processor, just the opterons are made with the SOI process(silcon on insulator) which means cooler and more stable chips.

    Do what you want though, I'm very complacent with my new stepping though!
  13. I'm not sure which stepping youre talking about probably mine? hehe my chip is runnin nicely though. i'm on air (Zalman 7000AlCu-LED) @ 290 x 9 = 2610 MHz. It runs very stable. I've primed it for more than 7+ hours with no errors (47C max), and only stopped because I couldnt wait to use it again. This is at FX-60 speeds, and I'm sure once I get a better heatsink, mobo, and ram, I'll be flyin. i've reached 2.7 (52C) stable for 40min on prime (cpu1 poops out). my goal is 2.9GHz with 1.5 volts (seeing as how i pooped out at 2.8GHz on max volts 1.45v, errors out on cpu1 after a few minutes). As i up the voltage the core runs more stable, but I'm not even sure if that will help. 610 CCBBE steppings aren't hitting as high as some of the other one's that get 3.0+ but I'm content with this. Plus to get the good steppings most people have been ordering the oems at monarch, most places with retail are selling some that are not overclocking well. The new CCB1E 609's are shipping right now at monarch /w their ultra uber cool discounts. Those people are hitting 3.0GHz, lucky bastards. ;p
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