Hi guys! I'm newbie in overclocking and I need some help.For a start,I' thinking to change my AMD 3000+ cooler and set the ZALMAN CNPS7000B-AL/CU + LED.I 've heard that is a good cooler.Help me!!
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  1. I bought the same one for my 3000+, it doesnt make a sound and has good cooling, got it running at 40c (remember to get some AS5 too) but my case still doesnt have good airflow :-(
  2. The Scythe Ninja can cool your Athlon 64 without a fan, but you will need decent airflow. It can passively cool (no fan) an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ in a case with good airflow.

    Do not attempt passive cooling on a Pentium 4 since they run much hotter than Athlon 64.

    The downside is the Ninja is 5.9" (150mm) tall, so only use it if your case is at least 7.25" tall/wide depending on if it's a desktop or tower.

    Scythe Ninja Review

    Scythe Ninja @
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