PSU dead? What's the green mobo light?


Probably a dumb question, but i think my PSU is dead, as nothing in the PC does anything when i press the start button. However there is still a green light on the motherboard. Even if the PSU is dead, will this green light come on?

Advice welcome. Like does the green light mean my motherboard is ok?
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  1. Depends on the mobo, but in most cases it means the PS is connected correctly and powered, so you should be able to power up.

    I had an Abit that had a red led for the "ps ready" and another green one when the system was booted.

    If you got nothing when you hit the power maybe the power-on header slipped loose, check w/ a mulitmeter w/ the continuity test or resistance check, it should short when depressed. If it is bad you can use a jumper momentarily on the ps-on header to power up.

    If nothing still go bare-bones and pull all the hdd cables / pci cards until you are left w/ the mobo / mem / cpu & fan / mem (maybe just one stick if two) / ps / keyboard / ps-on switch only. If you can't get into the bios you have some serious hw issues...

    edit - yes the first thing I would swap out is the PS with a known working system. Friends / neighbors come in handy if you don't have a stockpile, buy beer and a gas grille - works for me :wink:
  2. I HAD THE FREAKING SAME PROBLEM! I'm not even f'ing kidding...Mine was a bad PSU. Take the PSU out and try smelling it. Mine smelled like burnt plastic. Opened it up, and guess what I found? BAD CAPS!!! I had been getting low voltage readings lately, like 11.1 or even high tens on +12. Finally, it burnt out for good. Currently waiting for a 600W PSU to ship, it was a weak 400W from 2001!

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