Ok, so for the last 2 hours I've been working on figuring out how to get this shitty BF2 install to work.

It keeps bombing towards the end of the 2nd CD. So, I fired up my other PC and ran the install over my network. It installed after some time. I go to start up the game and it wants CD2, so I pop that in the local CDrom. Doesn't like it. It wants it off the other network drive. So I changed the Drive lettering, D became a share out to my other PC's CDROM. Didn't like it, wouldn't work.
Wouldn't install locally, but it would install on the PC over the network.

I'm getting annoyed by all this BF2 crap that's going on. I'm starting to think this is going to be a really buggy and POS game for a long time.

No updates on the website to install.

I copied it locally to the computer thinking I would install off that, but it wants to install off the CD. I burned the CDs, didn't like that of course.

Can't switch CDroms during the install.. it all has to install off the same CDrom..

Stupid BS crap.
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  1. I got it figured out after ripping out a 3rd cd-rom - it finally installed. I had to use my oldest CDrom to install it though. That was odd.

    Local stores tend not to carry the DVD version since it doesn't seem to sell as fast - or easily.

    Trying to figure out the best custom controls in the game, but I imagine that will take a little time.

    Other than that, load times seem a little long, wasn't all that impressed with the graphics.. after hearing all the raving of Dx9 and such.. while this game uses it and maybe doesn't have top notch graphics.. it was just another day in the gaming world.

    I tried to play with 512mb of RAM on the lowest settings - forget about evening trying. This game needs 1GB minimum. Otherwise it's choppy at low settings.

    The single player game.... well, this game was designed for online play and nothing else. While it's good for learning and stuff, it's not really that fun.

    I was learning how to fly and what did what.. so as a Sniper I'm sitting in a fairly well concealed area and haven't done anything when I'm bombarded by a tank and 2 NPCs running up on me. They know where you are almost all the time, so it doesn't really give you much of an option when playing the single player game.
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  5. I do find it very buggy.. at least the start up of it was. i had to delete my Nv Drivers completely and go to the latest ones again. that fixed virtually Everything. Except still getting poor graphics performance for some reason

    with my Geforce6800gt it's choppy as hell on 1024x768@60hz
    with all thesettings to medium and AA off.

    something tells me i SHOULD be able to run better than this. not a heat issue. vid card stays under 70 with water cooling
  6. Definitely got a problem somewhere. I'm using a 6800gt, 1280x960, most settings on high, and AA at least 2x. It's working very smoothly. What's the specs of the rest of your setup? I've a a64 3800+, and 2Gig of RAM (PC3200).


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  7. He only has 512Mb of RAM, that is his problem.

    Awaiting Signature. Please stand by.
  8. my spec's are as follows

    Pentium 4E (prescott) @ 3.2ghz. 800mhz FSB and HT enabled
    1 Gig of DDR400 Ram (2.5-3-3-7) Timing Set up in Dual Channel mode
    Gigabye GeForce6800GT w 256mb ram (Default clock speeds)
    10,000K WD Raptop 74gb drive
    fResh windows install (within the last month)
    Latest NV drivers
  9. With those specs it should run fine. The weakest link in my opinion is your CPU. Maybe something is defective, my guess would be your gfx board, could be something wrong with the memory.

    Are you only having problems with BF2?


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    I was giving my first thoughts on the game.. since the installer is subpar and all..

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  11. Hrm...i'd try uninstalling and reinstalling those drivers again...that sometimes causes bad frame rates. =/

    On the actual version, my 9800 pro ran flawlessly at 1280x9xx (or was it 1xxx). On the demo and my 6800 gt, it runs flawlessly as well (just at a higher framerate).

    AMD: [64 3000+][2500+][2400+][2000+][1.3][366]
    Intel: [X 3.0x3][P4 3.0x2][P4 2.4x5 down][P4 1.4]

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  12. I'm running a 6600GT AGP8x, settings at high, 2 are at Medium, and AA set to 4x at 1024x960? I think.. I don't get any higher options with those settings.

    AMD64 3000+ s939
    MSI K8 Neo2 Platinum
    MSI GF6600GT 128 AGP 8x
    1GB Crucial DDR3200 (512x2) not in DC, 1 dimm is bad.

    The game runs smooth for me with everything.. there are a lot of laggy servers which makes it look choppy, but it's not the video.. when you're flying and jets or helicopters are choppy, but everything else is smooth, that's lag.

    They did put out an update yesterday to correct pixel caching and some other things. That might help with the choppiness.

    Like I said, I had a lot of problems during the install, and even then I'm finding a lot of bugs.. haven't had any problems in-game though.
  13. alright i finally played this game tonight(little lan on campus) with about 30 players, and this game is intensive; imean the maps are phukking huge. pretty good game(although its based on every other type of FPS) but i like it, i will prolly buy it next week to get the single player side of it. i love the size of the maps and the actual controls of it(IE. commander and squad leader type stuff and the way they intergrate class system into it very well, kinda reminds me of TFC)


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  14. I finally decided to play on-line. The lag was noticeably, but not that bad. After a couple games it seemed to get worse and there was a delay getting in/out of vehicles. I suck, because it takes me a minute or two to figure who is my team mate and who the enemy is. Some of the player can fly the helicopter pretty darn good. Taking off and landing and shooting at targets, while I have absolute no control.
  15. *shrug*

    It installed fine on my system though I was smart and bought the DVD version from best buy locally :P

    As for my system it runs great with a crash every once in a while from in-game bugs.

    Here's my specs:
    Celeron D 2.7Ghz
    1 GB DDR400 ram(cas latency around 2.5-3 but my chips are completly different)
    Gigabyte 9600 XT
    Seagate IDE Baracuda drive

    So I have an old piece of junk system. With my video card overclocked I am able to run stable on all low setting on 1600x1200 res. If I drop to 800x600 online lag is gone.

    So, I'm sure it's not your system unless you are running a P3 ;)

    As far as the game, well lets just say the lack of CO-OP mode has pissed off enough people now that there are mods under develop to fix that issue. If you go to you'll find a CO-OP online server that is up and running. I tried it out last night and lets just say, frigging awesome. Bots are on IRAQ squad and bots fill in the holes on USMC side. Full game every time and it's fun slugging it out with a few friends.

    They are going to be realeasing a mod to allow CO-OP play at mini-lan parties soon. This mod will definally make BF2 a much better game :)
  16. I really like the game.. I like the voice communication. It works really well when you find people to use it.. I prefer to play Spec Ops mainly, sniper, medic, and support (in that order).

    Being Spec Ops, I normally try to be my own Squad leader.. I go behind lines, C4 what I can, then I request supplies and talk directly to the commander over the squad leader chat (V key). It's cool because it's in everyone's interest that I do my job, so I get supplies and by talking, the commander listens to you more and he'll give you backup when you need it..

    I was surprised that Tom's article didn't mention anything about the voice over IP function in the game. It works better than any I've tried before. It doesn't cause any lag when using it.. and when you get a good group together and you talk, you're almost unstoppable with that kind of communication. That alone makes the game awesome.

    As far as lag, I'm running the old version of v1.01 which has the huge memory leak. Before that, it was awesome. Very little lag. I need to download the new patch that was released 3 days ago. That should fix a lot of the problems I think. I notice that when someone is in your vehicle and they're lagging, you get it also, which is a pain.

    I bought a joystick back when BF1942 came out. Flying helicopters and jets is easy. For some reason, I can never quite aim properly with the gunships though. I'll have it target and shoot, but the missles kind of go up and over the target. I tend to go overkill when trying to take out a single target.. heh. My aviator kill ratio is like 3:1 while my helo is 1:2 (3 kills for my 1 death, and 1 kill per 2 deaths).

    I like how it tells you your ratio and such, along with medals and all. I really like that aspect of the game.

    It's very addictive and I feel that even though games are a good amount of time, by the time you actually get into it, it's over.. when you start playing as a team, you're done.
    But I've been stuck on teams that just really suck.. they can't get or hold a point. I'll go in, get a point, and end up dead because my whole team is sitting at one point... then comes the artillery and the game is basically over.. heh.
  17. In all my other FPS games, I remapped the standard wsad format to my Numpad, I just found it easier. Now, with BF2, I learn that no matter what I do in control setup, I CANNOT remap w, a and d movements to the Numpad. I read in the BF2 forums that these keys are not re-mapable. Anyone have a workaround???, or at least an insight into when, or IF, EA will unlock these keys. Thanks all....NorthNovie
  18. you can set alternate keys for any key, try doing that.

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  19. Agreed, you can set ANY OTHER keys BUT w, a, d to the Numpad. For the hell of it, try remapping w, a, and d to 8, 4 and 6 on the Numpad. Even after clearing ALL the number commands for ALL vehicles, etc, you still cannot remap these 3. Good luck, and if you find a way to do it, my hat is truly off to you, because I cannot find such a way. Thanks for the input.....NorthNovie
  20. Alternate keys will work..

    I didn't care to learn all the controls of games over and over. I purchased a Belkin Nostromo n50 and n52 (now using the n52) - Got it on for like 19.50 with free shipping.

    It gives me 15 buttons for my fingers, 2 buttons with my thumb, 8 way directional and a throttle control. All with my left hand.

    I use a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer which as 5 button plus a wheel, giving me a combined 7 options with my right hand. All in all, I have 32 buttons to use without ever having to pick my hands up.

    The only time I take my hands off my mouse and nostromo are to type to people, but with BF2, I had got a nice logitech headphone with built in mic boom.. so a simple push of a button and I can talk on squad or commander level.. cycle all my weapons by key, reload, etc.

    All without having to move my hands off their keys.

    The n52 is adjustable and comfortable to use. It's a good purchase for any FPS and some MMORPGs.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">nostromo for $25</A>
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