WD "My Book" Best Choice for Big External Storage?

Hi Everybody,

I need a new external storage device and I need it to have firewire and usb 2 on it. Because I wanted 1 TB, originally I was looking at NAS solutions (like Buffalo Terastation and Infrant etc), but I think I'll have to forego that because I can't find anything out there that has a firewire port on it...plus I don't really need it to connect to the router.

So what I'm thinking now is that I'll just get a 500 GB Western Digital My Book, because I'm under the impression that WD and Seagate make the best drives out there, and I didn't see a 500 GB Seagate external drive. And if I want 1 TB later, I'll just daisy chain another My Book. That is possible right? I read that the Lacie Brick is sturdier, but I rarely take the drive I have now places, and the Lacie didn't seem to have FW on it. Also the Maxtor was mentioned in the same article, but from what I understand Maxtors aren't that great and it also requires a fan, which I'd like to avoid if possible.

I'd consider one of the new 1 TB external drives, but because they use RAID 0, if one of the drives fails they both fail...and I'm not dealing with that.

Anyway, please let me know what you think!

PS, I read this review here:




Same dude reviewing and he posted a bad review on a laptop twice as well...not sure if he's legit, but he seems to be...there seem to be very few user reviews on this product although here's a positive one on the non-FW edition:


and apparently 8 people found that one useful...
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  1. I prefer buying an external enclosure than adding the hard drive of my choice.
  2. I definitely wouldn't say Maxtor are bad - far from it. In my experience Maxtor are the best (more so than WD and Seagate), but taking that as an anomoly I've worked in many recording studios which use Maxtor OneTouch external disks for 'mission-critical' (or whatever the equivilent term is) data in a ProTools environment, and also I know many programmers who use Maxtor external drives for backup of critical data.
  3. MesaRectifier: 'worked', 'recording studios', 'mission-critical', 'ProTools'... highly suspect :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?!
  4. Having said, I've just bought a 320Gb My Book & I'm well chuffed. Value for money, established brand (used their HDDs before, never had a problem), massive storage :D

    ...Although, if you can afford it or if you have firewire 800 then LaCie D2s are well proven & great spec:
  5. Whatever n00b.

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  6. Knowing what you're like, I could report you and save everyone a lot of hassle but I think you're already serving your punishment... (PowerBook, Sempron - ha ha!) I was just wondering how it was that such a tech guru had such bad taste
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