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:?: I have had an on going problem with an asua A7n8x deluxe version 1.4.It hava mobile 2500+ athlon.most times when I boot the vcore voltage will not go over 1.425v from a cold boot.If it starts it will start as an 600mhz processor,if I reboot I may be able to reset my vcore voltage to 1.8v then I can reset my overclock to 197 FSB =23??MHZ cpu.This cpu has been O/Ced for over a year and once booted with proper voltage it will run with no problems.I have serched everwhere and cannot find anyone with this problem,most people want to find a way to lower to 1.425 for a cooler cpu,they can only go as low as 1.5vcore.I have replace bios's thinking that if it did not recognise the mobile processor it would not limit vcore.I have vot modded the noth bridge for this problem but no change no mater how high N/b voltage goes.Please help me before I destroy my son's future computer! :(
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  1. Is it an actual Mobile Athlon or one that you did the pencil trick on?
  2. Bios has updated and back dated to asus & uber bios's.The processor is a mobile 2.5xp.This is driving me nuts,I thought is was a bios thing but im at a loss now.power suply is new 600watt also.I dont want to upgrade yet as I can run games like fear at very high settings,also waiting for AM2 socket.This system will become my son machine if I dont destry it first.
  3. I have several of those boards and a couple mobil 2500's and some regular 2500's, all overclocked to 2.2G. I can't recall the details, but I think the mobil cpus are not multiplier locked like the regular cpu's are. I can't reboot my machine right now to check the bios because I'm downloading some huge files I don't want to stop, but anyway...

    The boards will reset the settings if they think there was some error on the last boot, then you of course have to redo the settings the next time you boot, but you know that already.

    I would probably guess that your overclock is not stable and it is causing the problem. I would suggest you run the fsb at 200 and adjust the multiplier down to get the cpu at 2.2G, which is the speed of a 3200+. If you can get it there and it runs stable and doesn't cause this problem then you'll have your answer and will need to back off on the OC.

    ADDED: Oh, wait a minute. That is the original deluxe board, right? Not the -e deluxe? Those boards were sort of hacked in the bios to allow them to run at 200 unlike the newer chipset that had official support for 200. I had one of them a while back and I was never really pleased with the results running it at 200, so I ran it at 166 and increased the multiplier on the mobile 2500 to run it at 2.3 or 2.4G, which ran fine.
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  5. This board would never run at 200FSB,it run 100% stable at 197.If I cold boot it use to start,now it never will.But if I restart by holding button(once it fails to boot) until it shuts off,push again and restart before HD & fans powerdown it may boot into the O/C.If it will not boot in to the O/C I check settings in bios and all O/C setting are there except vcore is limited to 1.425.Sometimes I let it boot as a 600MHZ in to windows & restart,vcore 1.5 to 1.82 are there if they are there I know all is good for this session.I also have 2 10,000rpm raptors in raid1,I also thought this may be drawing to much power at boot,thus the new 600psu.Thx for the quick replys guys.
  6. Like I said, I've got several of these boards in one flavor or another. I have oc'd the machines on officially supported 200fsb and gotten errors, various errors, usually just errors in benchmark programs, but still. When I switched memory types the machines ran perfectly. There was nothing different, except the memory. The memory was pc3200, it ran fine in other boards that weren't overclocked, but it caused errors in these boards that were overclocking the cpu from 166 to 200.

    After switching the memory the boards ran fine. The cpus were the same, the boards were the same, etc. I guess my point is that if you are getting errors with settings that should cause no problems, then you may have some other issue that doesn't necessary make sense by itself.
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